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Public Transit in Korea


(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"The subway system in Seoul, Korea is very good. It's one of the easiest public transportation [systems] to figure out. They have a map, [and] you just connect the dots, right. You want to go to this specific area, find the nearest station, that's where you get off. It's easy. They have maps in Korean and maps in English. And all the signs in the subway system [are in] Korean, English, Chinese, and I think Japanese now. For me I thought I could not get lost in the subway system. I just read the signs and follow the signs and refer to my map and get in and out easy.

"The T-money card is an excellent way to pay for your fare. There's charging stations right there at each subway station. You can use that for the subway, you can use that for the bus, and you can use that for taxis, if they're equipped. Just scan your card."

In this video, a subject matter expert discusses public transportation.