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Punctuality in Korea


(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"When you're meeting with Koreans, don't be late. In American culture, it's very standard to show up on time, or even maybe a couple minutes late, and it's normal. Koreans, time is very precious to them. They work really hard. They work extreme amounts of hours, more so than Americans. They were rated like number one and number two—they alternate back and forth for having the longest working hour days. So time is precious. They are always early. Like ten or fifteen minutes early, so if you are coming right on time, or even on time a smidge, well, if you're coming five minutes late, it's really not polite, and it's not polite because they really have very little time. And so if they're making that time, and they're taking the time to be on time for you, you need to take the time to be on time for them."

A civilian discusses the importance of being punctual in Korea.