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A person in traditional Syrian clothing plays a string instrument

Syria's Tarab Music Capital

Seven hands are reaching into a communal dish of rice and fish

Senegal: The Land of Teraanga

If you travel to Senegal, you will find yourself in the “Land of Teraanga.” Teraanga—a Wolof word that loosely translates to hospitality—is a way of life amongst the Senegalese.
Kimchi in a black bowl is placed on top of a burlap table covering near silver metal chopsticks

The Many Flavors of Kimchi

Kimchi isn’t just a staple of Korean cuisine, it’s a way of life—which explains why Koreans consume more than 2 billion tons of this delicacy each year.
A woman in a floral dress and straw hat eats a slice of pizza in front of a Roman cityscape

The History of Pizza

Pizza is a modern-day favorite—but did you know it existed in ancient Greece? A recent study linked the word “pizza” to “pita,” a food prevalent around the Mediterranean. From the eighth to fifth…
A woman in red clothing puts her hand into a basket of turmeric

Turmeric: India's Golden and Sacred Spice

From lattes and fragrant curries to Hindu rituals and healing therapies, turmeric is an important spice in Indian culture. So, it comes as no surprise that the country produces more than 100,000 tons…
A view of Edinburgh, Scotland at sunset taken from Calton Hill

Beltane Fire Festival

One of four Celtic festivals that mark the changing seasons, Beltane is celebrated on May 1st in Scotland, Ireland, and parts of England to commemorate the start of summer. Its name comes from a…
A man in a floral shirt is being blessed by three healers in white, traditional outfits

The Diverse Regions and Cultures of Brazil

With more than 213 million people, Brazil isn’t just the sixth most populous country in the world. It’s also one of the most diverse. And nowhere are the country’s many multi-ethnic traditions, music…
A woman in a blue turtleneck accepts a gift in red wrapping paper

The Many Superstitions of Taiwanese Culture

Taiwan has a culture steeped in tradition and one in which age-old Chinese superstitions are ever-present.
Three men dressed in white ride elaborately decorated horses participate in Tbourida

Morocco’s Ancient Equestrian Art of Tbourida

Tbourida, or “gunpowder game” in Arabic, is a reenactment of a centuries-old Moroccan equestrian technique used by Berber warriors and other North African armies to intimidate enemies.

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