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A close up image of balconies of an apartment building with many green trees and shrubs with a blue sky in the background

Africa's First Vertical Forest

Africa’s first vertical forest will open in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital, which is still under construction 30-miles east of Cairo.
A Large brick and stone castle is nestled between mountains covered in dark green trees with with clouds in the foreground

10 Things You Many Not Know About Germany

Forests and woodlands cover one-third of Germany. Culturally, Germans have always embraced woodlands—a reverence that’s reflected in the practice of “waldeinsamkeit”—a type of nature therapy…
A variety of different cheeses are arranged together on a table

How Imsil Became South Korea's Cheese Region

Cheese didn’t make its debut in the Korean diet until 1964 when a Belgian missionary Didier t'Serstevens arrived in Imsil County. He wanted to help grow the parish's struggling economy and decided to…
Two baked rings of bread covered in sesame seeds sit on a wooden platter

Paying it Forward with Bread in Turkey

In Turkish bakeries, you may notice bags of fresh bread suspended on a hook. Called “askıda ekmek,” this custom is an ancient example of paying it forward. “Askıda ekmek” translates to “bread on a…
Two women dressed in casual clothes with dark brown hair are walking and having an animated conversation

Must Know Japanese Slang Phrases

The wide array of subcultures in Japan helped create an ever-evolving slang you might hear while visiting the country. However, because Japanese culture centers around politeness, it's important to…
A unique vessel made of yellow glass is full of red dende oil and surrounded by small fruits

Brazil’s Sacred and Flavorful Red Dendê Oil

In Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia, dendê oil is considered sacred. Not only is it an integral part of the region’s Afro-Brazilian cuisine, but it’s also used for religious purposes.
A wine glass with red wine sits in front of a sparkling river, there is a pasta straw in the glass

Italy's Eco-friendly Pasta Straws

In 2019 when the European Union voted to phase out single-use plastics, member nations turned to alternative options for straws. Around the world, metal, paper, or bamboo straws replaced the plastic…
A camel stands by a tree with a Ferris wheel in the background

India's Pushkar Camel Fair

Picture hundreds of camels dressed up, paraded, and entered in a beauty contest. Imagine camels participating in a dance competition and racing one another. And all of this against the backdrop of…
Two sailboats in on dark blue water in front of large sand dunes

Ten Fascinating Facts About Egypt

Ancient Egyptian women had a wide array of rights. Although not seen as social equals to men, women in ancient Egypt could buy and sell land, serve on juries, and enter into legal contracts.

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