Adapting to US Military Culture As an Immigrant

Certainly, adapting to a new culture while abroad is a challenging task, more so if you are trying to flourish and be successful in it. Recently, we came across the story of U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jomar Perez, a construction management inspector with the 718th Civil Engineer Squadron, who struggled adapting to American culture and military culture. For him, seeing Airmen from different backgrounds was a source of inspiration.

"A new mentality kicked in, Perez said. Rather than seeing his foreign background as a hindrance, he explained, he recognized it as a challenge that strengthened his character in the long run. Even his leaders identified with his acquired strengths.

"When it comes to adapting to a new culture, I can relate to that as well, so I understand him better than most people," said Air Force Tech. Sgt. Kossiva Akou, Perez's supervisor, "Going through those hardships has made him a better person and more empathetic towards others."

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