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A view of the Borobudur Temple in the foreground as the sun rises over the surrounding mountains in the distance

Borobudur Temple – The World’s Largest Buddhist Monument

Located in Java, Indonesia, the Borobudur Temple Compounds was built in the 8th and 9th
Image of the Library of Celsus in Ephesus

8 Facts About Turkey to Expand Your Cultural Awareness

There are more than 30 languages spoken in Turkey.
Colorful Ganesh statues are submerged in water to honor the Hindu Goddess, Durja.

Hindu Traditions Practiced Across India

India is rich in cultural diversity, and that diversity is reflected in the Hindu traditions people follow throughout the country.
Three women and one man wearing casual clothes are looking at each other and laughing while standing outside

Some of the Funniest Brazilian Idioms and Expressions

While living in Brazil, you’ll hear many colorful phrases that reflect the country’s people and culture.
A black mug containing a foamy egg coffee, sprinkled with spices sits on a wooden table.

An Introduction to Asian Egg Coffee

Italy has expresso.
A cityscape of Cairo centers on a traffic circle with an Egyptian flag in the middle. It shows the massive traffic jam taking place on the streets of the city.

Arabic Isn’t the Only Language Cairo’s Drivers Speak

With more than 20 million residents and millions of cars on the road, the Cairo metropolitan area is th
A person wearing a djellaba, a long black tunic with a pointed hood, looks off into the distance at a blue sky, light tan mountains, and a green foreground.

Unique Moroccan Traditions to Improve your Cultural Fluency

Sharing food is a Moroccan custom. In fact, in Morocco, it’s considered impolite to eat alone in front of someone else.
Hundreds of illuminated paper lanterns float in the night sky

Explore Taiwanese Culture Through Local Festivals

The annual Dragon Boat Festival takes place on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese lunar calendar (This is usually late May or June on the Gregorian calendar.)
A giant red pumpkin sculpture with black dots by pop artist Yayoi Kusama sits at the end of a pier on the island of Naoshima

The Art Islands of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea

Japan’s Seto Inland Sea is home to an archipelago of 3,000 small islands.

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