Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"The city itself of Beirut, very modern; you would think that you were in any, pretty much any European city. The advertisements that you see on billboards, the way people dress; it's very European in it's presentation, at least in the areas that I was in.

"The billboards, they have lingerie billboards that, I was surprised to see them, quite frankly. Of course, in different areas you're going to get different things. But for the most part what I saw when I was there was western dress by the women and the men. And interaction between women and men as you would see in any western city, as opposed to someplace like Riyadh, where there is no interaction and the women are dressed in abaya, etc. You won't see that in Beirut, proper. As you get into other parts of Lebanon, obviously, you will. But in Beirut, it's a very modern, open, vibrant city."

In this video, a military service member discusses the city of Beirut.