Boko Haram in Nigeria

Video Transcript

“'Boko Haram' simply means ‘Western education is no good.’ And Boko Haram is, for the lack of a better word, a terrorist group that was created, or that started in northern Nigeria. In all, about 12 of Nigeria’s 39 states practice 'sharia' law and all those 12 states are in northern Nigeria. And this group, they are completely against Western education, anything Western. And they believe in the practice of pure Islam. Most of those working in the oil industries in Nigeria are expatriates, so Boko Haram, they saw that this was the only place where they could get a source of income for them to be able to practice whatever it is they want to practice. So what they do is, they capture people for ransoms. It’s a very active group, very, very active group in Nigeria, and a big problem [for] the Nigerian government.”

In this video, a Nigerian expert discusses Boko Haram in Nigeria.