Borders in The Gambia

Video Transcript

“Some of the tension between [The] Gambia and Senegal, whenever there is tension, first the Senegalese close the border. The port of [The] Gambia is known to be not only the port for [The] Gambia, but [for the] West African region, to include Mali, Senegal, and other countries. So they bring the merchandise, necessity foods to The Gambia and it’s exported back to the region countries. [One] of the issues is the support for the Casamance Rebellion of the Jola against the Senegalese government. That’s one of the main points of contention between [The] Gambia and Senegal. The other one is, in 1994 there was a coup d’état by the current president in [The] Gambia, Jammeh, and the Senegalese were not happy with that support. So that’s why there is still tension between both of them. But the main one is the support for Casamance.”

In this video, a Gambian expert explains border issues in the country.