Borders in Guinea-Bissau

Video Transcript

“I went for a trip to Guinea-Bissau to try to open a pharmaceutical company with a friend of mine and the Portuguese, the Guinea-Bissau consular drove with me down the road and it was so easy. He’s the consular of, the Guinea-Bissau consular and [the] Gambia. He [showed] his paper, nobody used to ask us for money and [stopped] us. On the way back I had to pay a lot of money because he wasn’t with me. We were only two white people on our own and that was the biggest mistake. They were stopping us [and asking] us ‘Where is the [safety] triangle [to make people] stop in case you have a breakdown? You should show it. You cannot go, you don’t have it. That’s wrong.’ So I knew I had to pay them something.”

In this video, a Guinea-Bissau expert discusses border checkpoints in Guinea-Bissau.