Breaking for Prayer in Afghanistan

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.

“If you think that the meeting is going to be for another two hours. For instance, just imagine that the prayer time is at 1pm. And you imagine that the meeting is going to be for another two hours, or three hours. So it’s considered culturally appropriate, you tell them that we’re going to take a fifteen minute break, a restroom break, a tea break. If someone wants to pray at that time they can use that time to pray. And we can come and meet back in fifteen minutes. This is considered good. If you tell them just “pray break,” it’s considered good. But sometimes, even Muslims are supposed to pray five times, some of them don’t pray five times. They might not be ready to pray five times. So if you tell them, five people will say that, “I’m going to pray.” And two people will be embarrassed that, “Oh, I am not praying.” So if you put it in a different type of wording, “Let’s take a break.” Even if someone wants to pray in that time, he or she will go and pray.”

An Afghan national talks about giving Afghan counterparts breaks for prayer.