Climate in Cabo Verde

Video Transcript

“The first thing that someone would recognize on Cape Verde Island if they’re going for the first time would definitely be the weather. The climate is very, very warm and dry. Definitely the climate, the weather.

"Bathing is probably the hardest thing for someone that’s going to Cape Verde Island to experience the first time. Depending on [whereabouts] you are, you might not have access all the time to water, or sometimes the water will run out. So usually Cape Verdeans have big barrels of water in their house for situations like that.

"A lot of times if they do not have warm running water, what they’ll do is they’ll boil a hot, or a big, excuse me, a big pan of water. And sort of take a bird bath.

"A lot of times if you don’t have the barrels of water in your terrace, ‘cause that’s where they usually keep it is in the terrace, you will fetch for a taxi or a cab to go find some water. And a lot of times if it’s nighttime, you kind of have to wait ‘till the morning unless you know a station that runs 24 hours a day, with water. They have water stations. It’s almost like a water fountain, but it has a lever and you push it and the water just comes out. And you fill up, whether it’s a jar, a tub, but most of the time they’re barrels, big blue barrels.”

In this video, a Cabo Verdean expert explains the climate and water supply in Cabo Verde.