Climate of Guyana

Video Transcript

The first thing, of course, would be the difference in temperatures, of course. We are a humid, hot, very torrid country. I think our temperatures [are] between 85 and 90 [degrees Fahrenheit] consistently. It's tropical, it's wet and dry. A lot of rain, a lot of sunshine. The rain, rain could, sunshine could be, the sun could be shining and the rain would come down at any time.<br><br>Like rain anywhere that continuously fall[s], you get floodings. And the roads would over-flood. Even people's houses. Because we are, Guyana, the capital, all the coastal inhabited areas are below sea level. So normally the homes should be built on stilts, like 12 feet off the ground. But because of space and so on, they build the two story places and some people encountered flooding.

In this video, a native Guyanese describes the country's climate.