Climate in Kenya

Video Transcript

“The northern part of Kenya is dry, it’s semi-arid. And we have very cold and warm seasons. During mid-July to around December, the northern part of Kenya is cold because of the monsoon winds that come in from India. But it [remains dry], but the early parts of the year, the northern part of Kenya gets a lot of rain. Like the South [and] the West that has constant, it has rain almost throughout the year. July is the coldest month in Kenya; that doesn’t matter where you live. I think it’s very cold spring [unclear] spring here. That is almost the coldest it can get in Kenya. Maybe 30 [degrees Celsius], sometimes it will come down to 20 degrees [Celsius]. And depending on where you live, if you live down on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, or Mount Kenya, it’s gonna be much colder, because of the snow that keeps on, drips from the mountain down. Kenya is well, relatively, a warmer place, much warmer, most parts of the country.”

In this video, a native Kenyan discusses the climate in Kenya.