Climate in Senegal

Video Transcript

“Senegal, for the most part, kind of, it looks very arid and almost desert-like. The area of the world is actually called [the] Sahel, which means it’s like a transition area from desert to a more tropical or grassland environment. So there’s a lot of sand and short scrub grass and a couple trees, but nothing very lush. In the North it gets even more desert-like the further north you go, and as you go further south it becomes more like grassland and it looks more tropical. Also in the South you actually get a defined rainy season whereas in the North you don’t really get one."<br><br>”Most of the time in Senegal it’s pretty hot and pretty dry. There is one time of year, though, that it actually gets somewhat cold. This period generally happens from December to February or December to March. People call it “Harmattan,” and that really is indicative of this wind that blows in off of the Sahara that makes everything cold and really dusty. And the main thing that happens during this time of year is that just about everyone gets sick. Everyone has a cold or the flu, or some sort of respiratory problem, just because there’s so much dust in the air. So be prepared for “Harmattan.””

In this video, A Senegalese expert discusses the climate of Senegal.