Clothing in Liberia

Video Transcript

“American Liberians, I think, they make up just about 2.5% of the population. But for over 150 years the American Liberians have kind of dominated the culture of the people of Liberia. So the way many people dress is American, but when you go into the villages, very American in the cities, rather, but when you go into the villages it’s a bit different. And even in Monrovia, itself, [in] some parts of Monrovia, many people, they dress typically African. And there is the clothing they call the ‘boubou.’ It’s almost like a Muslim, Muslims, they dress generally [in a] very long kind of gown, right to the ankle, or something like that. [Below] the knee level, anyway, so that’s how many people dress in Liberia.”

In this video, a Liberian expert discusses clothing in Liberia.