Colonial History of The Gambia

Video Transcript

“[During the] colonial [era] in the [1600s and 1700s] and forward, the British and the French and the Dutch and the [Belgians], they [agreed] somehow to share Africa. The British [had] most of East Africa. That’s why you see most of the countries in East Africa are English [speaking]. You’re talking Kenya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, you go down to Mozambique, it’s all English speaking. Whereas on the western side of Africa, you’re talking Mauritania, Senegal, Conakry, Algeria, Morocco, these are all French speaking. The agreement was the French will have the western part of Africa. However, they agreed that the British should have a small access to the West to a small port. The legend said that they decided on the river, the Gambian River to define the borders. They put a cannon on each side of the river and wherever the [cannonball] arrived, that was the [border]. And that’s why it’s a narrow entrance along the river, and that’s what defined The Gambia. And that’s an English colony.”

In this video, a Gambian expert explains the colonial history of The Gambia.