Conversation Topics in Algeria

Video Transcript

Soccer is [a] big, big, big deal. Family, family, it depends. It depends [on] your relationship with your Algerian counterpart. But when you get to a certain level of interaction and trust, family is a big deal. People, they like to talk about their family. People also like to tell about their trips, about the country they work with. If it's about America, they will tell you a lot about America, even if they have never been to America but through TV and Hollywood movies. So Algerians they like to, they like to argue.

I think [on] average they're open to any topics. Of course there are some topics, religion, where they are a little bit sensitive. Maybe people they may be a little bit... They have some concerns. But again, according to your level of interaction, to the level of the [trust]... Actually, this is a good tip to assess the trust. If you are talking to an Algerian and you feel him [to be] comfortable talking about and [to] be open about those topics, it means he's more comfortable with you, and he trusts you, probably, more. I think this can be used as a metric.

In this video, an Algerian national discusses appropriate and inappropriate conversational topics in Algeria.