Corruption and Crime in Libya

Video Transcript

I have people I work with, and they're, even the guys, I mean, they don't go out at night, simply because they can get killed. They can even get killed during the day, so, I don't think, unless you're gonna go to specific, in a specific mission, in a specific area with a lot of security to a specific point, from one to two. I don't know if Tripoli [is] any safer. Well if GNC [General National Congress] is every other day it's getting attacked, I don't think people... We have to be realistic.

Is it always better idea to go in a group? Always in [a] group, even in the United States it's always [safer in a group]. I mean, if I'm going anywhere in the United States, in an area I don't know, I'd rather have somebody with me, than being alone, wandering alone. And yet it's easier to access the police or anything. But, nothing is safe.

In this video, a Tunisian national discusses crime and safety in Libya.