Corruption in Ukraine

Video Transcript

When I went to school in Lviv, the students told me they had to throw a party for the teachers that took place exactly the week before final exams. That is kind of ingrained corruption because the implication is the better party you throw, the better you'll do on the exams. And this is what they grow up with. I mean, I don't know how to really explain it, but people are not 100% pure or 100% bad. What it is, is they see things around them and they say 'That's not fair,' but when in a position to take advantage of it, they do and they're kind of blinded to their own corruption, if you will. I mean, they're not...I'm not talking about guys stealing things. I'm talking about the guy who will take from the soldiers' food to throw a dinner for you or something like that where it is 'I have to do this for you and the side effects don't affect me.'

A retired military service member on corruption in Ukraine.