Cuisine in Cabo Verde

Video Transcript

“Typical popular foods of Cape Verde Island, the traditional dish of Cape Verde Island is definitely ‘cachupa.’ It consists of all types of beans, and corn, and it can typically take all day to prepare and to make. Or to prepare, rather, excuse me. Usually there will be two women on each side with a stick, and what they do is, they’ll put the corn in front of them, like in a bin, and each woman [has] their stick and one pounds on the corn while the other one pounds on the corn. It’s almost like a see-saw, back and forth, back and forth. It’s very important to get the corn really small, into really small particles for the cachupa, as the dish is called. We have tons of traditional dishes, but the one that’s very well-known would have to be cachupa, which is, like I said, consists of a lot of beans and corn. Some folks will put fish in it; some folks will put pork in it. It’s really all about whatever the cook is in the mood for.”

In this video, a Cabo Verdean expert discusses the main dishes in Cabo Verde.