Cuisine in Mali

Video Transcript

“In Mali they eat ‘semoule’ made out of millet or sorghum called ‘couscous.’ And they also have the ‘fonio’ which [looks] like wheat, slightly bigger than wheat. And it’s very delicious, but it’s very difficult to clean up and get it ready to fix. It’s eaten in the Bobo-Dioulasso region as well in Burkina Faso. The staple food [is] the ‘tou’ which is a cake made out of sorghum, corn, [or] millet. You use a flour with boiling water, you turn you turn until you get a thick cake, and you eat it with stew. And the stew can consist of peanut butter stew, vegetable stew, okra, [or] leaves of all kinds. If you are in remote rural areas you’ll use your fingers to help yourself out of a communal bowl. And in remote rural areas women eat together, men eat together, kids eat together. In big cities it’s different, they will set up a table with the food in the middle and with your plate, fork and knife you will help yourself, sit and eat.”

In this video, a Malian expert discusses the cuisine in Mali.