Cuisine in Senegal

Video Transcript

The national dish in Senegal is called ceebu-jen. "Ceeb" is the Wolof word for rice and "jen" is the Wolof word for fish. So "ceebu-jen" is a dish of rice and fish. There are a bunch of different ways to make it; sometimes they'll cook the rice with tomatoes and tomato paste to make it red and sort of spicy, and sometimes they'll cook the rice with onions so it'll just be white rice but with an onion flavoring to it. Another dish that is popular is called "yassa poulet." This is chicken that is cooked with a bunch of onions. It's normally done more for special occasions. Another dish is called "mafe." "Mafe" is a peanut sauce and they generally serve it with beef. All these dishes they serve with rice. If you go to have a meal in Senegal and you don't have rice, it's either because they're having couscous for a special occasion or something else really special is going on. But most of the time you'll always have rice at a meal.

In this video, a Senegalese expert discusses common meals in Senegal.