Cuisine in Sudan

Video Transcript

“For the breakfast, which usually we have the breakfast at 10 or 11 o’clock. Not like lunch here. But the breakfast early in the morning is just tea with maybe cookies, maybe without cookies, just tea. And then people usually eat at 11 o’clock, which we call it breakfast. And then dinner later, 4, 5. We depend more on meat. We eat a lot of meat. We mix it, we make meat sauce with other vegetables like potatoes, blonde. Like [everything] else, even the food is changing. Like [it’s becoming] international food so that more like, people now because of the, they’re watching TV, they go outside more, not like before. They [are] exposed more to Egyptian culture and Syrian [culture]. So they eat also food from other cultures. It becomes natural to have fast food. Not that much like here [in the U.S.], maybe two or three in the big cities, but it’s still, they don’t just concentrate on having the food they’re used to.”

In this video, a native Sudanese discusses the food culture in Sudan.