Culture Matters: Motor Pool

This video highlights the work that goes into establishing rapport. This is a part of the Culture Matters video series.
Video Transcript

[Narrator] When a vehicle is assigned to a soldier, he or she is responsible for the regular maintenance of that vehicle. The driver invests time to gain knowledge and understanding about that vehicle.

[Soldier 1] Power steering.

[Soldier 2] Power steering is a good.

[Soldier 1] Serpentine belt.

[Narrator] It doesn't happen on its own.

[Soldier 2] Serpentine belt is a good.

[Narrator] Working with another culture is no different. It takes time to understand a culture, and once you established a rapport, you have to work hard to maintain it. The more you know about a culture, the more you'll know about how to establish and maintain rapport. Culture matters.