Dealing with Homesickness

Video Transcript

With technology nowadays, staying connected with your family, your friends, people back at home is also one of the best things you can do to help relieve anxiety. Because you're going to have frustrations. It's a different culture. Even if everything is great one day, the next day things may be the worst. And sometimes your host family may not be the people that you need to talk to. So utilizing technology—WhatsApp, Facebook, email—utilizing those to stay connected with people abroad, back at home, can be really vital in overcoming that anxiety that you may be feeling. Yes, you may be physically apart, but you still have ways to stay connected. I know that's a lot of thing people have concern about, is 'How am I going to stay connected with my friends and my family and everyone at home?' It's way easier to do that today because of technology that we have.

A Boren program representative discusses dealing with homesickness.