Demographics of Algeria

Video Transcript

Let's start in the North; you have Berbers, or Imazighen. And among those groups you have 'la Petite Kabylie,' [and] 'la Grande Kabylie.' And amongst the Berber you have what we call the 'Leqvayel' and 'Imrabden,' which means the nobles, religious nobles, groups. You have also in the South other groups of Berbers called 'Touareg,' but actually they are 'Kel Tamasheq,' or Touareg. You have also other Berbers which are in the gates of the desert from the plateau, in Ghardaïa; we call them 'Beni M'zab.' So those are the different Berber groups in Algeria. And the rest, there are other groups we call Arabs, Arab groups.

In this video, an Algerian national discusses the different demographic groups in Algeria.