Demographics in The Gambia

Video Transcript

“In [The] Gambia you have like 40%, I believe, and don’t quote me, but it’s a big percentage of Mandinka. Over 40%. Whereas in Senegal, that is bigger, it’s 2-3% maximum. The Jola in [The] Gambia are like 15%, in Senegal they are like 7%, and mainly in Casamance. The Wolof are 40% in, and these are, it’s a big majority, it’s 40% in [The] Gambia whereas in Senegal they are like 60-70%. The Fula, I’m not sure if you can find the Fula in the Senegal. I know the Fula in [The] Gambia, and the Fula were known to be the money people. If you needed money on the market, they [were] the [ones] with the bags and they, you exchange money. But that has changed since then.”

In this video, a Gambian expert discusses demographics in The Gambia.