Dress in Tunisia


SME 1: "Yes, if you look at their young folks that are walking down the streets when we'd go out; they had the brightly colored t-shirts, tight jeans, I think they call them skinny jeans out here in the States. They had a little bit of that edge to them. I was kind of surprised. I thought, when we go in there, especially when you've been to other countries, I think you think it's going to be a lot more proper and clothes here to here, up to here. It didn't seem to be that way; they were very modernized over there."

SME 2: "The girls, one thing I noticed, they all dressed in regular clothes like you're wearing. That's what really amazed me. You always thought that all Muslim countries, they all dressed in the [burqas], what's that called? With the cover, the veil and everything. I was surprised I didn't see a single person like that, dressed like that. So that was really interesting. A female, that is. And males, too, they all dressed very Westernized. And they were friendly."

In this video, members of the Air Force discuss clothing popular with Tunisian youths.