Eating in Burkina Faso


“In Burkina you’ll be eating with your fingers when you are in the remote rural areas where they will serve you food in a communal bowl. First of all you’ll be greeted with a calabash of water that your host will first take a sip and then pass it over to you. But before he could do so he would pour some on the ground to share the welcome water with the dead ancestors. And then [he takes] a sip and then pass it over to you. What you will do is just imitate him; you pour some on the ground and then take a sip. And then pass it back to him or pass it over if you guys are two or three. And after a long conversation, greetings, asking about families and friends and pets and the cities, especially if you’re coming from Chicago, New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles; they would love to know what life is like in those big cities.”

In this video, a Burkinabè expert discusses eating in Burkina Faso.