Economic Overview of Aruba

Video Transcript

The economy of Aruba [is] very much dependent upon the tourist dollar. There used to be a refinery there. That has since closed down. So, I wouldn't hold me to an exact quote of what percentage [of] their economy, but I would guess over fifty percent is reliant on tourists from largely the U.S., the northeast. They have build this great model almost, where they don't want you just to come to Aruba once. They want you to come to Aruba every year. Twice a year. And you bring your whole family. They have, however they did it I don't know. But they have this great pull. And it's almost, you feel obligated to Aruba. Or you feel a sense of community [with] them. And they have done a great job bringing generations and generations of the same family back to Aruba several times a year. Aruba's economic well-being is based upon almost a seasonal flow, where the tourists come in when the weather was the best.

In this video a U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel details the economy of Aruba.