Economy of Sierra Leone

Video Transcript

“Most of Sierra Leone is water, a lot of sea. Freetown, it’s an island, sort of. Most of the people in Freetown, they live on nothing else but fishing. It’s not very developed, but at least at their level it is developed. I’m sorry, I didn’t say that, but fishing is one of the major industries as well, in addition to diamond and (unintelligible). It’s a big industry in Sierra Leone, fishing, because of the sea. It’s one of the biggest ports in the world, it should be, well I don’t know what position, but it’s one of the biggest inland ports in the world. Yes, yes, very big. The port in Sierra Leone also helps certain parts of Liberia, to serve certain parts of Liberia, so it’s a very busy port. Transporting, importing and exporting lots of goods, especially timber. Lots of timber in Liberia, very, lots of it, and the port in Sierra Leone also helps in transporting some of that timber.”

In this video, a Sierra Leone expert discusses the economy of Sierra Leone.