Education in Antigua and Barbuda

Video Transcript

These are highly educated individuals. In fact sometimes I gotta keep myself [in] check because they are really, in their basic education and their grade schools and their high schools and colleges. These are very well-spoken members, especially when you're talking in the military, very well-spoken, very well knowledged. They want to keep up to date with the news and everything. And they do a lot of things that, they do sometimes things that we don't do which is discuss things. A lot of times meetings are so much longer because they'll take a moment to discuss an issue or something. And then, impatient me, I'll sit there 'OK, I don't wanna to talk about this right now.' I wanna go, I wanna get on the task and get [moving] on. But you have to sit back and relax and do that intellectual exchange.

In this video, a U.S. Coast Guard Commander describes the education level in Antigua and Barbuda.