Education in Benin

Video Transcript

“Schools are underequipped and overpopulated, and they really just don’t have much in terms of materials or even spaces to teach. In my school I actually ended up teaching about half of my classes in converted grain sheds. They were just huge brick buildings with no windows, and they would just open a big metal sliding door to get light and they tacked up a makeshift chalkboard on one wall. And that’s where I taught half of my classes.

"Education in Benin is based on the French system. So kids learn French and geography, science, whatnot. They start learning English when they go into middle school, and if they’re in a good school district they’ll learn another language when they go into high school. All school students wear the same uniform; it is either a khaki dress for girls or a khaki shirt and shorts or shirt and pants for boys.”

In this video, a Beninese expert discusses education in Benin.