Education in Morocco

Video Transcript

The level of education for the Moroccan Army; I was impressed. Most of them spoke at least, a minimum of three languages; usually a Berber, Arabic, and French. And some of them also spoke a typical dialect for the city or small villages that we went to; because I noticed that there [were] different dialects. Very well educated, very well groomed, very professional.<br><br>The level of education of the people that we were taking care of; it varied so drastically. We had folks that would come to us that were able to speak English very clearly; pronunciation was correct. And then we had some that just came on their donkey from out in the desert nowhere seeking attention and help with very little understanding of what was actually occurring [or] what was going on. So as far as surviving in their world, I would say they were highly educated.

In this video, a member of the U.S. Air Force discusses the levels of education of the Moroccan people.