Education in Trinidad and Tobago

Video Transcript

Education in Trinidad and Tobago, I would say, is higher. Because we follow the British system, it's higher than here [in the United States] because most of the people who leave Trinidad and come here [to the United States], when they get here they are higher. Basically, we don't have grades. We have primary school, secondary school and university. When they compare the two [children in Trinidad and Tobago and the United States] at the same age, they learn at a higher rate, or a higher level over there, in Trinidad. Because of the British system.<br<br>And it's free, back home. Education is free. You don't pay for anything, you might pay for your books, maybe some... We all wear uniforms, too. No one is allowed to wear what they wear here [in the United States]. You can't just wake up and come in your pajamas to school. You have to wear, everyone, every school [wears] uniform[s]. The government, I would say, three years ago made university free now for everyone on the island. So, you don't have to pay for that anymore if you want to do a certain course. It's free. Go, do your course, and you go get a job. So now it's free, now education is totally free on the island. You don't even pay for university. That's why a lot of them go back now. To go to university.

In this video, a native Trinidadian elaborates on the education system.