Elevating Criticism in Ukraine

Video Transcript

That's what I learned, is that they're more comfortable going through their chain of command to express any kind of concerns. And you'll hear about it from them, not from the soldiers. That was my experience, at least, is that if you're gonna hear criticism, it's going to be through their chain of command. And that's that was my experience at least, is that they felt more comfortable elevating it, and having it go lateral up there rather than direct contact between the student and me. So I would imagine that that would probably apply in a field exercise as well. It wouldn't be a perceived slight or it wouldn't be intended as any kind of disrespect if they were to elevate something through their chain of command and it was to come back down through the U.S. side. I wouldn't perceive that to be a slight or any kind of you know, someone might think, well, why didn't they come to me directly? Well, maybe they're not comfortable doing that.

A service member discusses different methods of communicating between forces.