Etiquette in Curaçao

Video Transcript

Greetings, again, would vary upon who you're speaking with. If you were speaking with the Governor, she is the physical embodiment of the King there in Curaçao. So you would greet her with 'Your Excellence' just like you were speaking with the King. If you're speaking with the Prime Minister, who is an elected official, a political official, 'Mr. Prime Minister.' And then of course if you were meeting with any of his other ministers, [it's] always a good rule of thumb to [use] 'Mr. Minister' or 'Ms. Minister.' And the General from the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, again, approaching him with his title 'good morning General Swijgman' showed that you appreciated and respected his seniority to you and as the senior military [officer] on the island.

In this video, an Air Force lieutenant colonel talks about ways to greet people on the island.