Etiquette in the Dominican Republic

Video Transcript

After the buenos días" or they'll say down there "buen día," it's usually if you know the person an "abrazo" is normal. It's just a hug, ask the people 'how are you, how's your family doing?' Family is very important to them, and to ignore the family in your conversation is just something that doesn't get you very far. When the people ask how you're doing, you'll tell them 'I'm doing fine' but you usually always end up with a "gracias a Dios," because they want to know that you have religion and that you realize that your well-being is thanks to God. And that's [not] something for people just to say, "como está usted,' "bien, bien" and [if] it ended there, then it means you don't really want to interact with them. So the hug and the always 'thanks be to God,' that's really the big thing down there.

In this video, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel and former defense attaché to the Dominican Republic describes the country's etiquette.