Etiquette in Jamaica

Video Transcript

Well, respect is always very important in Jamaica. And even the children. Like here [in the United States] the children, young kids will call the adults by their first name. From youth [in Jamaica] you're taught to respect your elders. So we would address grown people as 'Mr.' or 'Ms.' or 'Mrs.' or the policeman by their title, maybe 'Constable' or 'Inspector.' So there's more an emphasis on respect.

It depends on the relationship how people greet each other in Jamaica. If it's my good friend, like here [in the United States], if you see two women hugging then people would put up the stigma. But for us [in Jamaica] it's natural. I hug my friend, I hug my mom, I hug my brothers and sisters. But it just [depends] on the relationship that you have, or they may shake hands, or you just say 'hey man, wagwan?' and they just mean 'hey man, what's up? What's going on with you?'"

In this video, an Army master sergeant and native Jamaican explains appropriate greetings and etiquette.