Exports in Guinea-Bissau

Video Transcript

“A village [on] one of these small [islands], they were looking for fish, fishing, and they [started] seeing some [blocks] on the beach and they said that was from the good spirit. And they brought it [and opened] it, it’s like all white. And they were happy [and] celebrating that it’s going to bring happiness to them. But after a while they start noticing some bizarre [reactions] from their people around them. And they start liking this product more and more, and their behavior was more aggressive. And instead of being happy [they became] more dependent on this product, and some [reactions] were violent and they did not expect that, [it was] nothing that [they] expected.<br><br>”And one day two white men came to them and they said, they talked to the head, asked to talk to the head of the village and they [asked] him that whatever [remained] of these blocks that they got, they will pay them a whole, a big amount of money to take them away and let them, and don’t touch anymore of this product. And [the] big amount of money, they took it and they were happy with that. And that’s where we talk about narcotics and we talk about drugs of this country. It is becoming a hub, I understand, for the Colombian trafficking.”

In this video, a Guinea-Bissau expert discusses narcotics in Guinea-Bissau.