Fauna of Guyana

Video Transcript

The jaguar. We have the manatee. We have, I'm trying to call the exotic type of animals, not the regular cows, and horse[s], and dogs and stuff like that. We have the anteater, which is, a lot of tourists go to see that. I think we have the largest in the world. We have a lot of macaws, parrots, exotic, we have a lot of exotic birds. Lot of exotic birds. I am not familiar with all the names. You will call it, we have what we call the camoudie, you call it anaconda. And a lot of alligators. So we do have a lot of exotic and strange animals. And that would be the case because we are a forest territory. Our country has a lot of hinterlands and uninhabited areas and so on and so forth. Most of the country is like that.

In this video, a native Guyanese discusses the country's diverse fauna.