Food and Drink in Egypt

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"If you’re eating an Egyptian dinner, then you can expect to eat a lot and they will expect you to eat a lot. It’s a sign of disrespect if you don’t. So the three basic food groups that make up Egyptian meals are carbs, carbs, and carbs. So you’ll eat a lot of those, especially if you’re eating some of the less expensive dining options. One of their national dishes is called ‘kosheri’ and it’s every carb you can think of with some tomato sauce, and then maybe some spice on top if you want that. So it’s pretty heavy. A lot of bread. Bread is all over the place and it’s pretty cheap. And then they have lovely, fresh juice which people are warned to stay away from because sometimes there are issues with consuming the vegetables and the fruit, but if you’re brave enough to try it, it’s delicious."

In this video, a linguist discusses Egyptian cuisine.