Food and Drink in Iraq

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"The Iraqi, he spoke pretty good English, and invited myself and my partner over to his house with his wife and two kids. We brought the wife a little gift. That was the proper thing to do. I can’t remember what it was, but they go all out. When I saw the amount of food that was in the kitchen. I mean they went out and bought pizzas also, plus they had the Iraqi food which I loved. The Arabic food. And then they had fried chicken from something similar to Church’s Fried Chicken, but they called it something else. But it was just for us. There was all this food left over. I’m not afraid to eat and we ate very well, and they said 'Here, take it.' I said 'I don’t have any place to put it.' But I felt bad because they went out and spent money, their own money, for the food to entertain us."

In this video, a military service member discusses Iraqi hospitality.