Food in the Bahamas

Video Transcript

Most of the typical foods include conch. That's the main thing. You can bake it, boil it, eat it raw, it doesn't matter. Conch salad is the best. Every time I go there, I have to have that the first week, within the first week I have to have that.

Guava duff is good. It's made out of guavas, kind of like this bread type thing, it's baked. And then you put [on] the [sauce which] has guavas in it, too.  So it's good, real good.

Lobster, and just the regular fish, yellowtail fish, snappers, stuff like that. No octopus, they don't really eat octopus over there.

Johnny cake made out of flour, baking soda, water, and then you fry it on a frying pan until it puffs up like bread and then you turn it over and you do the same thing. You can bake it, too. It's like cornbread, but it tastes different, a little sweeter. It's mainly for soups, like if you have conch soup or pea soup and dumplings. Or any type of soup, that's where it comes in most of the time, to dip in your soup.

In this video, a Navy petty officer 3rd class details Bahamian food.