Food in Guyana

Video Transcript

The fact that we have such a diverse society, each ethnic group brought their dish which becomes a national dish. For instance, the native, who we call Amerindians, we got from them a preservative that they use to preserve their meat. We call it pepperpot. It is made from the arrowroot, known to us as cassava. There's a process that you go through to get that juice. And back in the days when there was, refrigeration was not as popular, you then have to boil your meats, all your meats in that juice. So from that we got pepperpot.

And then the Indians came and they brought what they call dhal. So their contribution was dhal, and ruti and curry and so on and so forth.

And then we have, the Blacks brought ground provisions, which we call, the dish is metemjee. Where all the cassava, all the ground provisions are boiled into one pot. Cassava, plantain, eddoes, yam, and then you put your meat in that, with coconut milk. And that dish is called metemjee.

Then the Chinese brought their noodles, so we have the chow mein and lo mein, and so much, chicken chow mein and all the different types of Chinese food.

And of course the Europeans brought their potato and steak. But fish is a main staple. Our country is a fish producing country.

In this video, a native Guyanese describes the country's diverse cuisine.