Food in Haiti

Video Transcript

There's banan peze which is basically, the [green] bananas, that are, it was kind of like the Cuban plantain, "platanos," that's what it is. It's basically the same thing but they call it something different. They have "diri kole ak pwa." That's rice with a bean sauce. Most of those same foods that you'll find like Cuban or Dominican, it's just the same food, it's just called something different. There's "legume," it's a cabbage, like all these [fruits] mixed up together with meat that you could put on top of your rice to eat it with. That's something that's unique to Haiti that I've found. And then there's also goat, goat is really popular in Haiti. "Griot," which is deep fried pork. "kremas," it's kind of, it's made with condensed milk and coconut. It's an alcoholic drink, it has rum in it, the Haitian rum. That's really popular. That's like, the people make it at home.

In this video, a Haitian American Army captain describes the national cuisine.