Food in India

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The food in India is, I mean it's a misnomer just to say that curry comes from India because curry is about a million different things. But I would say, in the South, the food is primarily rice based and so there are so many varieties of things folks make just out of rice. You'll have idlis which is sort of they look like mini flying saucers and then you have this large crepe-like product that's rolled over to a burrito and that's also made of rice and you dip it into a vegetable sauce. And then as you go further North there's actually more chicken, there's more lamb, there's more oil as well. So the further North you go there's more oil and the further South there's more rice and in between there's a spiciness and sugar competition going on. The Eastern and Western coast, they're very much seafood based. So where my family is from, we had a lot of shrimp and prawns and fish and also you would see that in Bengal.

An Indian national discusses regional foods in India.