Food in Kazakhstan

Video Transcript

The food in Kazakhstan is primarily meat, and I guess I would say, flour-based bread product. The word in Russian is 'testa,' but essentially you take flour and then turn that into a, either a wrapping for a dumpling, or you might turn it into bread, or you might turn it into a lasagna-type noodle. But long story short, it's primarily meat and this bread product. There may be vegetables mixed in there somehow, but not a lot. So, [the] kind of foods that would perhaps surprise Americans that are going there for the first time would be their taste for horse meat, in particular there's a sausage called 'kazy' which is essentially horse meat and horse fat stuffed into an intestine. It's actually pretty good, as long as you get more meat than fat. Again, I have that American perspective where I prefer meat over fat, but from their perspective, they think of the fat as the good stuff.

[Another dish] that you will probably see is a dish called 'beshbarmak,' I think it translates out to be 'the five fingers.' But it really is, there's typically five components that goes into that dish. And it's going to be again the meat, perhaps onions, butter, and then fat, so on and so forth. But the end result is it's this, kind of this, a pile of lasagna noodles with chunks of horse meat or lamb meat on top of maybe some other components that go in there. Very filling, you definitely don't want to overeat that one 'cause it will probably knock you out for the rest of the evening. But very tasty, I guess I should say.

In this video, a U.S. Army National Guard command sergeant major discusses the cuisine in Kazakhstan.