Food in Suriname

Video Transcript

The wonderful thing about Surinamese food is that, because you have the, and I've neglected to mention the Chinese, I guess, except in my family. But there's a big Chinese culture [there]. So you have the Chinese culture, the Indonesians, the Hindus, the Blacks. Everyone has their food, and we eat each other's food.

The most popular dish is pom, and I don't even know how to describe pom. It's made from this root, and it's this, it's kind of yellow and they mix chicken in it and you have it with rice. And it's magnificent, really. If you ever get an opportunity [to] have some pom, you have some pom.

Roti, and Hindu food. The last time I was there I was fascinated, there was a roti drive-through. Yeah. It means nothing, but it just blew me away. I could just drive through and get some roti, and it was fantastic. 'Cause they make it right there and then they give you the peppers, not in a little plastic container, but literally in a piece of torn off plastic wrap. They pour it in and just put a rubber band around it and give it to you.

What else can I think of that's delicious? Bakmi, which is an Indonesian, like pasta, but it's kind of spicy. It's one of my favorites as well. The main dishes are from all these places, and then, all these cultures have their restaurants and everyone goes to everything because everyone knows everyone.

In this video, a native Surinamese elaborates on the food.