Food in Turkmenistan

Video Transcript

During our travels out in Western Afghanistan, we ran across three gentlemen who were former defectives, or defectors,  from the Soviet military during the Soviet occupation and had taken up residence in Turkmenistan. And we acquainted ourselves with the three guys, and a couple of nights they joined us for dinner and then we had a really bad sandstorm one night and the next evening. They showed up and provided dinner for us. And there was some unique things. There was this warm milk. And the staple- they seemed to have three major staples. A protein source, I'm assuming goat, sheep, maybe camel. Rice [was a] main staple and raisins were the other main staple. And so we always had a mixture of that and some shape or form. And one evening they brought fresh watermelon and cantaloupe, and we had no idea where they got it but it was delicious.

In this video, a former U.S. Army first sergeant discusses the local Turkmen cuisine.